Alpaca Trekking on the Isle of Bute

Alpaca trekking on the Isle of Bute image

Kames Castle Cottages provide a wonderful location for a family holiday in Scotland and the island of Bute has much to offer for a fun filled stay.  New to the island is Alpaca trekking with Freddie, Louis, Chester and Rueben.

Alpacas are originally form South America but these boys are now living on the beautiful island of Bute. Docile and social, they are well suited to the Scottish climate.  They are highly intelligent and have inquisitive and curious natures.

The Leafield Alpacas are kindly treated and well looked after.  They enjoy going for walks, meeting people and posing for the camera!  Why not go and meet them and even take them for a trek?

Please contact Caroline Paterson at Leafield Alpaca Trekking for more information or to make a reservation. 

Mobile: 07599 214153

Landline : 01700 501808



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