Kames Castle Restoration - Phase 1

Kames Castle Restoration - Phase 1 image

Guests and friends of Kames Castle Cottages often ask about the restoration of the Keep. We have therefore decided to share details of the restoration here, starting with the first stage that was completed in 2018. The goal of this stage was to save the integrity of this wonderful building and to stop water from entering the interior.  All stone and slate was cleaned, repaired, re-pointed and reinstated. Extensive leadwork was undertaken to ensure the building remains watertight. The waterspouts, or Spitters, were repaired ensuring rain water is taken away from the building. We thank all those who were involved in this stage of the work, which was often undertaken in difficult conditions. Thanks also to Stevie, of Conservation Masonry, for his careful documentation of the restoration. Details of later stages to follow.

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