Past & Present

Kames - Past

It is said that the King of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, gifted Kames to the Bannatyne family in the 14th century. Thus Kames Estate has a long and interesting history.

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Kames - The Future

Since purchasing the estate at the end of 2015 the current owners have been drawing up a programme of work to carry out repairs and renovations to the properties, historic glasshouse and the Keep. All cottages will be refurbished, including the replacement of all windows, in 2018. In October 2018, the renovations to the exterior of the Keep was completed. Renovation works to the interior are ongoing.

In 2018 work has also begun on the renovation of the Keep. Ultimately it is hoped that this will be transformed into a spectacular dwelling offering wonderful views of the surrounding sea views and countryside. In the first instance work has primarily been focused on preserving the integrity of the structure of the building beginning with the removal of the concrete render. This render was used to cover the original stonework in the 1970s. It is now known that this retains moisture preventing the masonry from breathing thus encouraging dampness. The first works will remove this render and allow the building to dry out before interior works can begin. Unfortunately, this does mean that the Keep is not currently accessible to visitors but we look forward to a time in the future when this will be possible.  

Once completed the proposed accommodation will be arranged over four floors and will include on the ground floor a hall, large kitchen and storage, on the first floor a large drawing room and a bedroom suite on each of the second and third floors.